10 Different Ways To Wear Black Eyeliner

Black eyeliner is one of the most integral components of every woman’s makeup kit. Not only is it easy to use and versatile but it has come a long way and can work wonders to your appearance whenever required!

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Whether you need to go shopping or attend a party, eye liner is one thing that dresses you up instantly and you simply shouldn’t go without. It is available in various forms including, gel, liquid and pencil and even a black kajal pen works perfectly as easy-to-use. So grab your eyeliner and try out these different styles to dress up your eyes!

1. Classic

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Apply the liner in a smooth line along the upper edge of your eyelid and upturn it slightly at the edge. The line should have an increasing width until from the inner corner of your eye to the outer upturned end.

2. Smooth

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Trace a line along the upper edge of your eyelid with a steady hand. Make sure to not let the liner go past the outer corner of your eye and maintain a constant width in your liner stroke.

3. Dramatic

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For a dramatic look, outline the upper eyelid and then add another much wider layer which goes on increasing from the inner corner to the outer end. The entire width should reach to a little below your eyebrow and should cover the almost the entire area of your upper eyelid.

4. Feline

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This is a sleeker take on the classic liner style where there is a more gradual increase in the line width of the eyeliner as well as a sharper point at the outer end of the eye.

5. Luxe

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In this method, you apply a stroke of increasing width on the upper lid which follows the exact shape of your eye. The same process is repeated in a more subtle manner on the lower lid and the two widened ends meet at the outer edge of the eye.

6. Bold

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The bold eyeliner style is similar to the smooth style and only differs in the respect that the line of eyeliner along the upper eyelid is wider than the one which is used in the smooth style.

7. Double up

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This is a sleek and easy to apply everyday look for the eyes. Draw a smooth line along the upper eyelid that is of even width and stretch it a few millimetres longer than the outer corner of the eye. Now continue the line from the outer edge on the lower lid in the inner direction halfway along the bottom eyelid.

8. Pin up / Winged

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This is one of the most popular styles of eyeliner but can be done using kajal as well. All that you need to do draw a smooth line along the upper lid and upturn it at the outer end of the eye. Make sure that the upturned end is as sharp and straight as possible.

9. Double winged

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Use the liner to create a very sleek and thin wing that travels very close to the edge of your eye and closely follows its shape. Now, add another layer which is wider than the original by a few millimetres, make the second wind a millimetre or two above the first one. Keep both wings as narrow and sleek as possible.

10. All around

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This is the oldest eyeliner trick in the book. All you have to do is slightly modify the double up style along the lower eyelid. In this style, trace the liner all along the edge of the lower lid from the outer end to the inner corner of the eye.


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