2016 Essentials That Every Girl Must Have In Her Wardrobe

Every girl has a dream wardrobe that is full of pretty clothes, accessories, shoes, bags and every essential thing that a girl needs. In reality, you might be missing out some of the important things that we are here to tell you about today. Each of you out there have a different choice and way of selecting your belongings but there are certain things that must be a part of your closet for daily hangouts, surprise events, family functions and relaxing times. Here is a detailed list of all those things with an answer to where you can buy them from.

1. A basic v-neck t-shirt

On a hot summer day, nothing works better than slipping into your comfortable tee with your favourite pair of bottoms. They work with absolutely anything. You can always modify it with some neck piece but its best to keep it casual.



2. A button-down over-sized shirt

You can always try making a trip to men’s section you know, to pick stuff like this. It works the best when you have long work days at college or at work. You can wear it buttoned up into your jeans or you can keep it unbuttoned with a tank top under it. It’s just cool either ways, without even taking effort.



3. Off shoulder top

Nothing looks better than an off shoulder top worn with your favorite pair of pants or shorts. They make you feel stylish and elegant at the same time and lift up your confidence too.


4. Ethnic Wear

Indians are bound to have one of these. A kurti and a full length suit should always be ready for traditional days and festival celebrations. You’re just not allowed to wear jeans at a Diwali party (no one is going to throw you out if you do, though). It won’t look pretty.



5. Sweat shirt

The perfect apparel that keeps you cozy and makes you classic in winters in a sweatshirt. Again, there’s absolutely nothing more comfortable that you can wear on a long winter day.



6. Denim Jacket

Yesterday, today, tomorrow or any time in future, this is one trend that never gets outdated. Put up your denim jacket over anything and everything you want to wear and you’re good to go.



7. Leather Jacket

Leather jacket rules your entire wardrobe and it is MUST for you to have one. It’s the life of every party and no matter how many times you repeat it, it just looks better every time.



8. Pair of ripped jeans

Improve your style quotient with a classy pair of ripped jeans which is the new fashion statement. It makes you look fashionable and cool and is as comfortable as your normal jeans is. Wear it with any kind of shirt or tank-top and be the fashionista of your group.



9. Black Jeggings

There are days when you just feel like your denims but you don’t want to wear your seats either because they’d make you look like you’ve just rolled out of bead. At that point, black jeggings act as saviors because they go well with all your tops and are extremely comfortable.



10. A pair of Denim shorts

The best thing that you can wear on spring days, parties, night outs and your beach trips as well are you beloved shorts. You can put them on with any top or tee and any footwear to enhance your appearance.



11. Plazzo Pants

On days when you’re nowhere in the mood to tighten yourself by wearing a jeans and you can’t wear short either, then you plazzo pants come to the rescue. They make you feel highly nice every time and are so very stylish!


12. A Little Black Dress

Be it birthdays or formal parties, you can mold your LBD into any form you want and make it look perfect for the occasion. War it with pumps with your hair open at parties with your friends and with boots and stockings for your formal events. It just steals the show.


13. Shrug

Shrugs or your favorite item on the days when you haven’t got your arms waxed but you don’t have any full sleeves dress either. Oh that’s now the only time you use it by the way. A beautiful shrug like the one we’ve given can be worn over any of your dresses to alleviate your style.



14. Silk Dupatta

The piece of fabric that goes with all your ethnic wear is a silk dupatta. Wear any kurta or suit you want and embrace it with the beautiful dupatta and there’s nothing other than it that you need.


15. Flip-flops

The most comfortable footwear that has ever been made are your flip flops. Wear them I your house all day long and even to the local markets near you. They simply make your work easier.



16. White Sneakers

They are not just your gym material. You can easily wear them with your favourite jeans for a comfortable day at college and they also protect your feet from extreme summer and extreme winter. Sneakers are big support system.



17. Ballet flats

They are made to make you and your feet happy. They create no fuss while wearing and are the most comfortable and suitable footwear with your daily wears. You can go on wearing them for days with any kind of clothes you wants and they act like healers when you wear them after wearing heels for 2 consecutive days.



18. Black plums

Be it college fresher’s or family functions or your summer internship, pair them up with whatever kind of dress you like and they’d make you look trendy and exclusive. Go for good quality plums as it is a one-time investment.



19. Boots

Your winters remain incomplete if you do not wear a nice pair of boots with your jeans, pants or dresses. They make you look stylish and trendy and are mostly very comfortable. They come in various designs and lengths and you can choose any that best suits you. You again, better go for quality for this one as they are not very pocket friendly.



20. Scarfs

Scarves do more than just keeping you warm. With many different ways to carry it, you can always use them to style up your clothes and enhance your personality.



21. A statement watch

Watches are not used for telling the time alone now. They are also required to uplift your personality and style statement. Wear a classic watch with all of your clothing and the best part is you don’t even need to have a variety of them. Just one would work for years.



22. A statement neckline

A good pair of neckline steals the show. You can wear it with any dress to highlight your looks and surprisingly, they look good every other time.



23. A sling bag

On your trips to short distances where you need to carry stuff that your clutch won’t be able to fit but you don’t require a back pack too, the sling comes into importance. Hang them up on your shoulder for a classy and polished look or wear it cross body to keep your stuff close. You don’t even have to worry about losing it without carrying the baggage.



24. A shoulder bag

That’s your daily college/work place essential for you to carry your stuff that you would be needing all day long. There are a variety of inexpensive bags that you can go for to enhance your styling and to make you look better.



25. Shades

Earlier people used to wear sunglasses only to escape the hot sun rays but now they’ve become a fashion statement. You can rock your look with a pair on any day you want.


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